Saturday, May 8, 2010

Playdate with Berlyn

On New Years Eve before the festivities Devyn and Berlyn came over for a quick playdate. If these two girls get into half as much trouble as Devyn and I did, Dan is going to lose his mind. :)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa Traum and then over to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' for dinner and presents. Libby was so exhausted she just passed right out. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Libby on Christmas morning... I'll do better next year. Promise!

Libby's First Snow

Libby was so fascinated that everything was white outside after the first big snow! We put on lots of layers and let her go out and explore. She was only able to sit up for about 5 seconds on her own before falling backwards. She loved to eat the snow!
Mommy's Snow Angel!

Football Season

Go Bengals!

Go Colts!

Nevermind.. I'll just stay in my jammies and play under the table

During football season poor Libby has been torn between our favorite teams. Dan likes the Colts and my side of the family are all Bengals fans! We usually spend sundays in our Jammies but when one of our teams are playing Libby has to be the cheerleader!

Libby's First Thanksgiving

Libby's first Thanksgiving weekend sure was eventful! We started out with a lot of food! We went to Grandpa Jerry's (Dan's Grandpa) for our first Thanksgiving Dinner and then went to Grandma and Grandpa Traum's for our second Thanksgiving Dinner. We had so much good food, Dan and Libby just passed right out when we got home! That night I went out at midnight to hit up all the good deals. I wasn't feeling very good the entire time. I thought I just had too much to eat.
Turns out... I'M PREGNANT!! We are so excited and I'm sure if Libby could talk she would be excited too!
What a sweetie pie!

Mommy and Daddy's Halloween

Heather and A.J had their usual Halloween party and people were really creative this year. I think our little group took the trophy. We went as the cast of "Scrubs". It was so funny. We had to paint Dan's entire head and neck black so he could go as Turk! We walked in carrying a boombox with the theme song playing. I love my hubby's creativity.
The whole gang
Dan(Turk) and I (J.D.)

I dressed up as J.D, Dan is Turk, Jake is the Janitor, Whitney is Elliot, Joey is "The Todd", and Tiffany is Carla

Halloween 2009

Here is the only smile we could get.

Grandma and Grandpa

Libby had a great first Halloween. She dressed up as a Lady Bug. She hated the hood that came with the costume but we did get one picture of her smiling in it! I think all the candy she ate made up for us torturing her.